Opera singer Stephanie Blythe plays ukulele

The other day I was listening on the radio to opera Live At the Met, and they interviewed mezzo soprano singer Stephie Blythe.  They asked her if about social media and there was an awkward pause they mentioned something ‘low brow’. She then said she uses social media to reach audience she wouldn’t have otherwise.  She went on to say that about 2 years ago she started learning ukulele and making videos for facebook and twitter.  Because of that, she made friends with people who didn’t even know she was an opera singer.

I’m a writer but horrible with social media, so I thought her positive support of social media was noteworthy.  After all, I went online and searched her name, then added a mental memo to dust off my blog and use it again.  The first new post being about Stephanie Blythe.

Here is her doing something complete different than her usual style


And here is more classic her.



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