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So, in April 2013 I contacted Penny Rimbaud, saying his book “Diamond Signature and Death of the Imagination” has post modern significance. It’s a product of its time, it has literary merit, and deserves a critical reading.

To my surprise, he wrote back two weeks later saying it was a good idea, and he appreciated my attention to his more abstract writing, which to him was primary to his soul. Punk, as he’s known best, is more a vessel for spreading his words. I ordered this book last summer and wrote a line by line page analysis until October 2013 where I stopped at page 56. Other things got in the way. I wasn’t in the mind for it. I was overwhelmed. Now, July 2014, I hope to resume. Why? To finish what I started. Why? Because this book begs a response. His style unique and his position pounded so clear. It should be looked at not as a gospel of truth, but as an insular voice – listen to – spoken to, interpreted. It is post modern and more. A dialog open.

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